Travel Health Insurance

Get protection when you are enjoying your travel!

Travel Mediclaim helps you with medical expenses when you are travelling abroad. Get Travel Health Insurance – Invest Rs 115 and get assurance of Rs 1 lac.

Travel Medical Insurance - Benefits

When you are travelling to a new place, you can face many type of problems as the place is new to you. A different climate and weather change can bring health problems to you.If you have a travel mediclaim with you then you can easily get treated for any of the diseases that can attack you in the new place. All medical expenses can be covered in an alien land.

Travel mediclaim plans are available for Individuals, Family, Student and Coporates. If you are out for holidays with your family then you can buy a travel insurance plan that covers all the family members and you can secure your family from any medical risks. Student travel mediclaim protects the student from medical expenses, while he/she study abroad. Corporates get protection from these travel medical insurance while they are frequently travelling abroad for buisness deals. So, travel medicliam benefits different type of travelers.

Health Travel Insurance - Features

Travel health insurance is blended form insurance with benefits of travel safety and medical protection. Travel insurance is available in many variants and each variant has its own benefit. Travel insurance is what you always want in case you are travelling as it covers risks associated with travelling. It ensures medical help at the time of medical emergency while travelling abroad or domestically. It provides for hospitalization expenses and reduces financial impact as medical treatments are relatively very expensive in foreign countries. It also provides cover and compensate for any risks related to trip interruption or trip cancellation.