Cashless Hospitalization

Hospitalization is too expensive now a days!

If you want to get complete hospital facilities that too in a good hospital then the costs are sky-rocketing. So, buy mediclaim and get hospital cash benefit – Invest Rs 1511 and get daily cash of Rs 2000, ICU Rs 4000, Surgical benefit Rs 200,000 and Critical illness benefit 50,000.

Benefits - Hospitalization

Hospitalization can be due to accident or sickness. If you are taken to the best of hospital in your city for best medical facilities then you can imagine the cost of these medical facility and stay in the hospital. Hospitalzation insurance provides you daily cash benefit for every 24 hours in the hospital. ICU charges are also provided in hospitalization insurance. Health insurance does not cover your hospital expenses. Patients are given special diet in the hospitals, member staying with the patient also have some expenses and conveynce of members to and from hospital. These are the expenses that are only covered in your hospitalization insurance.

You can also avail income tax exemption under section 80D of the Income tax Act. Withou any medical checkup you may get this insurance scheme. This insurance is available for 1to60 years after that you can renew it upto 70 years. Maternity and hospitalization in abroad is not covered in this policy. This policy cannot be used in 30 days of waiting period and for pre-existing dieases.